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"My dream is to spend each moment investing in the success of others. The business community is an eco-system that is one part product, marketing, connecting to the public, generating revenue and long term market sustainability. My job is to work tirelessly for people to know your business, support your business and help you generate clientele.

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!"


Mia Amini- Founder of  MIA TALKS

June 2003 – Mia begins her Media career with FOX Sports Net at the University of Arizona. Follows opportunities to work for ESPN and ABC Sports.


April 2005 – Mia begins working for Cox Media in Atlanta, GA starts as a Promotions personality and transitions to Radio On Air Personality.


2005- Present  – Mia has Directed stations, created original programming , served as a Music Director, Commercial Producer and Radio Personality in Indiana, North Dakota, Minnesota, traveled to Hollywood and other destinations for Media promotions.


August 2015  - Mia starts MIA TALKS to serve businessses in navigating the Media landscape and building brand loyalty.