"As a beginner blogger, Mia has given me the tools I need to increase my blog visibility. 
Mia exudes a wealth of social media expertise that will allow me to shine on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A marketing guru, Mia has skills and knowledge that will prove invaluable to anyone who hopes to dominate the world wide web". Kelly Freeman, travel blogger "Life as a Captain's Wife"

" I was blessed and honored to have Mia Mance as my Host for my 2018 Flight 414 Rip the Runway Fashion Show Charity Event in April.Prior to asking Mrs. Mance To Host my event, I observed her for over one year. I observed her crowd engagement, her personality as well as how the crowd responded to her stage presence. I can honestly state, there was not one event I attended that I was concerned that she would 100% execute. I actually absolutely enjoyed each event from start to finish.Throughout many events I encountered events and shows that are scripted, I found Mrs. Mance spontaneous and super-friendly with guest and it just comes natural. She is very clever, the atmosphere she creates is very lively and inviting and professional. She is also a witty conversationalist. I didn't find anything forced to fit at all.
  Mrs. Mance is by far hands down amazing at what she does. She has an irresistible persona and unmatched charm with a subtle blend of beauty and intellect. I am so proud of you Mrs. Mance the best is yet to come".-Zelonia Williams owner of Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education, Celebrations Unlimited

Looking at Mia, I understand what service is all about. From serving on the United Way Marketing Committee, to emceeing events, to sharing ideas and positive energy, Mia does it all with a beautiful intensity. She cares so deeply – your wellbeing and your success –, and she steps up to support the things she believes in regardless of the personal cost. She’s kind, optimistic, reassuring, enthusiastic, and, most of all, selfless. She has done immeasurably valuable work for the United Way and our community! Her dedication is essential to the work that we do. For that….thank you!-Lisa Clark, Marketing Director of the United Way of the Coastal Empire


"Mia helped us to focus our strategic initiatives, clarify our brand in a competitive marketplace, and ensure that our actions are aligned with our stated mission and vision.  We always knew clarifying and developing our brand would be instrumental to our success.  However, we had no idea to what magnitude until Mia came aboard as our Branding Coach.  Our company has seen exponential growth and we have expanded our reach.  Mia has played a major role in helping us expand services in our niche, deliver services and target our talent to those who can benefit".- Monifa Groover, President & Founder Within Your Reach

"MIA TALKS became a marketing partner starting in 2016, since then our business has grown and celebrated 2 awards in Savannah, GA for Best Plumbing Company from Savannah Magazine and Best of the Best Plumbers from Savannah Morning News. This is a 1st for our business in 50 years. Mia shows endless support for our business. I am proud to be a customer and a friend."- Tonya Reed, owner and CFO of Henry Plumbing Co.

"Mia helped me focus my brand and thoughtfully choose which platforms were most important to spreading our message. Her extensive knowledge on cultivating our story was extremely beneficial and helped us reach the women that would most benefit from educational and inspiring conference".- Jess Neeley, Co-Founder of Women Rock Savannah

"I had the best discussion on womens health with Mia Mance. She is an engaged, encouraging, empathetic woman with a warm soul and an amazing host. I appreciate the privilege to share a platform with her and look forward to doing so again in the future. Since our talk I've received lots of new social media engagement and new clients."- Terra Lewis, Owner and Founder Tr1be Naturals Wellness

"As a member of the AJI Board, I thank you for the magnificent job you have done as a social media marketer of the Hidden Legal Figures podcast, featuring Derrick Alexander Pope!  Because of your talented work, the podcast is first rate and is reaching a wide audience.  Congratulations on a job well done!"

Athena Malloy Groves,Associate Judge
Orphans' Court for Prince George's County

​"Mia helped us reach our target audience, grew the reach of our Social Media and used technology to make us digitally competitive and curate our story".-Dr. Joe Cerrisimo, former owner of NutriMost Savannah